I have ranted on about the lack of respect that companies and web site’s have for their customers.

Yes! I know I am one of these companies, but I am not! Having spoken to my customers they do not want me to share their info with others. It is a shame that big business does not follow the same policy. It would make customers more loyal knowing you can be trusted.

It is funny how things, happen I have cruised the WordPress blogs and came across “why I cancelled my Facebook account” It is about an individual  fed up with his data being used for other peoples gain and I agree with him.  Just for the record I’m a customer too.

I have posted on this subject a couple of times  before ( Privacy and Terms and Conditions )  because I’m feed up with the way I’m treated and would like to see change.  I was starting to think that I was the only one but having read a large number of  posts on the Facebook thread, it’s great to know I’m not alone.

While reading through the posts I came across William Wards post about a group of young men and the Diaspora project.

This is Williams post:

A couple months ago, Eben Moglen spoke about how our loss of personal privacy was in large part related to the migration of our data to the Facebooks of the world. He was disappointed that, in 2010, we weren’t able to use our considerable personal computing resources to do this at home, with the same sort of great user experiences and ability to link up with everyone you know (or ever knew.) There really isn’t a good reason for just one firm to hold onto all your stories and persona and secrets. Better to spread them around and use networking to connect them together and clever software to link them up for easy sharing.

That said, some computer science students took up his point and decided to build an open social network, one that will let you control your data absolutely, while being able to share with people you know or people you don’t know – your choice.

They’re just getting started – you can check out their plans here at http://joindiaspora.com . The goal is to give you back your control and create a social network scheme where the users run the show, not the marketers.

With all our broadband, all our easy web hosting services, and all our computing power – we should be able to do this without being at the mercy of one company’s idea of privacy. 🙂

It is great to see the younger generation are not going to sit back and be dictated too by big out of date businesses and hopefully they will make some money in the process. I for one will be following their progress with great interest.


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