Illustrated ‘Piece of Me’

I enjoyed reading this so I though I would share it with you

Sugarfree Sweetheart

I present the complete and illustrated recipe for: A Piece of Me.

Why anyone would want to get a piece of me for themselves, is a “moo” point as Joey would say! Regardless, you should note that while this recipe is for a whole cake, you should ideally restrict yourself to one piece, whether you are diabetic or not!


This recipe is suitable for diabetics, non-diabetics, and non-judgemental people everywhere!


For one 8-inch cake, you will need:

Soppy, wet ingredients:

  • Loyalty  –  2 cups
  • Kindness  –  1 cup
  • Generosity  –  1 cup
  • Idealism (melted) – 1 block
  • Sensitiveness  –  4 tbsp
  • Surprises (both given and received)  –  6 tsp


Droll, dry ingredients:

  • Nonsensicalness  –  82 g
  • Silliness  –  60 g
  • Creativity  –  350 g


Flakey frosting:

  • Stubbornness  –  250 g
  • Moodiness  –  150 g
  • Self-doubt –  13 capsules
  • Introversion  –  999ml


Ready, let’s get baking!

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