Why do you (want to) freelance?

Running your own business is a lot of work which is part of the down side to a certain extent. But the up side is that you get to meet people and do things that would not normal get to see or do.

This post gives you an insight into things to consider. If you decide to walk this route..
This is the post I was referring to

Live to Write - Write to Live

This post somewhat plays off last week’s post – as there are numerous reasons for people to freelance or go independent.

Whether it’s full time or part time, the freelance/independent life can tug at us. Here are some reasons I’ve heard from writers as to why they are solo.

  • To be my own boss
  • To have flexibility with my schedule
  • To be solely responsible for my own success
  • To make money after being forced out of another job
  • To have more varied work by freelancing/contracting
  • To specialize in a niche
  • To select the businesses and people I want to work with
  • To have autonomy
  • To be more creative
  • To be more appreciated
  • To avoid a long commute
  • To spend more time with my family
  • To work in my pajamas
  • To deposit to my bank account instead of someone else’s
  • To choose how much to be paid

What are your reasons…

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