Now read this motorbike ban on the streets of London.

Biking in the DalesThis could be the beginning that puts an end to being able  to ride your bike on the congested streets of London.

Bike Ban Rainsford Road Park Royal London NW 10

Rider’s, please take note that on London’s Park Royal Estate, about one mile opposite and south from the cafe, there is an “Experimental Traffic Order” in place, with signage, such that it is an offence for a motorcycle to enter a section of Rainsford Road, Park Royal, London.

The section of Rainsford Road is that from the junction with Whitby Avenue to junction with Coronation Road,

The “Traffic Order” makes it an offence to ride this section of Rainsford Road and the offence can be recorded on CCTV!

The below links relate to this Traffic Order.


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