A BBC documentary team looking for the facts


A BBC documentary team is looking for motorcyclists who were in Clacton, Margate, Brighton or Hastings during the famous bank holiday Mods and Rockers clashes of 1964.

The emphasis will be on what really happened rather than what we read in the national press.

If you were there, we want you to tell us what really happened, from your point of view.

Was it just a big fuss about nothing, cooked up by the media? Were you arrested – fairly or unfairly?

Was it really a war between two tribes or just a few skirmishes blown up out of all proportion? How do you feel today about having been a part of it all?

If you were there and have a story to tell, please contact Matthew Wheeler.

Email:  matthew.wheeler@bbc.co.uk

We can arrange to interview you at Ace Cafe London later in June.

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