Harsh reality considered words.


Over the past year I have been a regular reader of a blog called ‘harshreality’. It is well written and easy to read. He posted an article headed adoption – or at least I think it was headed that, because whatever his argument was he lost by using bad language. For someone who is quite erudite in the way he puts things across – why then was it necessary to use this language? It took the argument away from the topic and placed it on the words used. Basically a waste of time and research. Before anyone accuses me of having my sensibility’s enraged think again, I live in the real world where bad language is rife; used properly it has a place. The right place is not when you are trying to convince people you are right. Naively I commented to this affect saying he had lost the argument, only to receive an ill considered reply that blamed me for his lack of judgement.

 Along the same sort of lines I had the misfortune to get involved with the health ombudsman (PHSO). I had a phone call from one of their assessors Louis Barker about a complaint. After a freedom of information request I discovered that this individual had completely misrepresented the call by recording that I had used bad language at her three times. To add insult to injury I also discovered that another researcher who I had not spoken to, had also said I had sworn at them as well. It is no wonder that of the 26,961 cases presented to them only 70 case get satisfaction no wonder the fail rate is so high when the complainant is misrepresented and slandered for no other reason than to ease the case load. Any balanced outcome would be thrown into disrepute because of these notes on the file. Another reason why bad language is a mistake. The ombudsman her self Julie Mellor condones this misrepresentation of the facts because it suits her agenda of protecting the NHS at all costs. Costing the public £32-34 million pounds a year for the privilege. Ripping the tax payer off to the tune of about £471,428 per case solved. Nice work if you can get it.

You are right you have the freedom to express yourself by using all the bad language you wish but if you want to be taken seriously you should choose your words carefully. The internet, social media and phone conversations especially have a will of there own so don’t be surprised if they take an unexpected turn. Making you the villain even when you are right.

Even when you have a strong argument backed by truth and facts don’t be surprised if it is over thrown by professional privileges and “perspective of events of the time” that bear no relation to the actual facts of the time.

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