Plastic welding book.

Free_hand_weldingWe have just finished putting together a guide on plastic welding. This is an insight into what went on. 

Sometime a go it was suggested that we write a book. I cannot believe that it has been four years since. It is a guide and to be honest the amount of time and effort need to pull a mere twenty five pages together is astounding. So I take my hat off to all those who write ten time plus this. 

For starters this being a guide it needed pictures of the tools, welding equipment and the different stages you needed to go through to reach the finished article. So a plan was put in place to get the photos needed to illustrate what we were describing. Initially pictures were going to be taken of the various jobs we were doing for our customers at differing stages of completion. But after viewing a selection of these we changed our minds because it did not look right. While all that was being done the tools etc were being set up and photographed. At least this part of the job was going OK.

Then life through a spanner in the works making it impossible to continue with the project so it went on the back burner temporally. Some two year later yes I know two year. Anyway we now had time to complete the book. It is funny how time changes


things all the pictures we had taken in the past were scraped they no longer suited our purpose which meant starting all over again. It did make me wonder if they were the right pictures in the first place.

The guide now had a new structure all the headings had been finalised and out lines of what should be included set out. Great the book was coming on in leaps and bounds. Even so it took months to write such a small number of words. The pictures took no time at all to do this time because we set up a special job that we could be photographed at each stage when we had the time between other work. These pictures look no different from those we took first time round but there is a continuity that was missing from the first selection.

This was always going to be a self publish job and after looking on the net we decided to go with blurb.  A decision we are starting to regret. It is always difficult when doing something for the first time and involving new software. All the blurb said it was easy to use and you could be done in a couple of hours, to be honest I took that with a pinch of salt. Just as well I did. It was a pain to use even when I got the hang of it. One of the biggest pains was it would not accept the table of setting we had put together it did not matter what we did it went wrong even when I rewrote the whole thing into the page. Man the air was blue. But we got round it.

The best part of a month went by before the lay out of the book was alright. It was checked five times and each time we found that some of the text was a different point


size. Two of those times two of us checked it at the same time and found fault. I is still not completely right but had a copy printed anyway.

A week or so later we received a book shaped package at the workshop. I have to say it was not what I was expecting. Having said that it is great little book for our first attempt. At this point I would like to thank all those who were involved and apologise for the blue air




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