The Achilles of The Cat World!…

This story just gets better it is well worth the read.


Episode Five

Sitting 60 cats tails away black cap was licking his wounds. The way Tabatino handled himself gave the phantom ‘paws’ for thought. It might not have been a good idea to pounce so close to home, but he could not help himself after the incident at the club. It took a lot of  restraint just to walk out of there after Catchem  had had a word. It would seem that doing time had only strengthened his insatiable urge to fight, as his inmates can testify!

Back in his home town, his family, the meow madons, were renown for their fighting skills. Black cap was the youngest of ten and had great difficulty learning to fight. His brothers bullied him mercilessly, until one night after a bad bounce up, he struck while they were having a nap; taking them completely by surprise he managed to get away without a mark but they were left badly bruised and…

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