Gordon Blue.

Trevor has a very particular way of writing and for the uninitiated can be difficult to get a handle on.   Please stick with it, it will get easier with time. The picture that appears with the text is related.

Thanks again Trev.


Gordon Blue Prints?

From Past Life No Longer Seen Are Captured Moments As A Scene Showing A Loco And Tender Maid Of Mettle Kept For Service In Fine Fettle In loco Parentis She Endured M.A.D Cold War Until In S.A.N.E Common Sense She Saw Her N.U.T. House Pupils Cite Their Mind’s-Eye And Get Supervision From God On High? Cold Shivers She-Receives As In Awe And Splendour She-Believes Her S.A.N.E,Ventriloquist Of Garrison Bordon Trains M.A.D. Mankind As Blue Prince Gordon.”

By Unsung Busking Poetess Lady Bird Avery’s Ghost Writer. Longmoor Military Railway Engine

No 600 Gordon, In Bordon Garrison, Liss, Hampshire; Photographed By Ladybird’s Son Birdcage Avery, At The Longmoor Military Railway Final Open Day On 5 July 1969 A.D..

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