Bikers beware

A Crown Court ruling in Chichester has implication for groups of riders caught speeding.

The ruling makes the lead rider responsable for the other members in the group, so if the riders behind you are doing 100 plus to catch up and you are just over the speed limit they will treat you as doing over 100 as well or more severely because you were at the front.
If a lot of groups are out together you could be charged with being the leader of a group you are not with. Fair or what? 
It will put pay to the ride out with your mates.
If you would like to try to stop this ruling there is a petition you can sign on the no.10 site
You can also find out more on the ace café news page at
What are your thoughts on the subject?

A long time!

Plasweld GSXR 1100

Nose cone custom to except Honda fireblad headlights

Since setting up this blog I have not had the time to return until now. I am only able to do this now because it is a bank holiday known as Whitson which also ushers in half term for the kids meaning they get a week off. This used to mean that the drive into work was easer and the traffic much lighter. but now it almost makes no difference.

For a down turn year we have seen our work load go up. Why?  People are hanging on to their money?  Yes!  That’s not always  the case, the way they are spending it is a bit more considered, checking out there options before committing to a course of action.

We are getting more enquiries and from that more work, repair is making more sense over new and now in many cases second hand. It is strange that people do not think that when they opt  for a repair that it is good for the environment.  Lets be honest when you have smashed up your pride and joy all you want to do is get it back on the road as quickly and cost affectively as possible, This is where in an increasing number of cases we are coming to the fore.

Are we a green company? Possible.