Hate it or love it?


Banksy book war and piece a good read. well sort of!

To be honest I have not really been that interested in graffiti until the Tate modern had that extraordinary exhibition on the outside of the building. At well over a hundred feet high you couldn’t really miss them. Before that, like most people, I was blind to it to a certain extent as I walked the streets of towns and cities across the country. What I did notice after viewing these wonderful drawings is the proliferation of tagging which in my view is a blight on the built up environment. If you are going to do it make it interesting otherwise save the paint.

The other day I had my arm gently twisted to purchase a copy of Wall and Piece by Banksy

I think this is one of Banksy on the streets of London

I think this is one of Banksy on a street in London.

forcing my interest in graffiti to another level. His book is more a picture book than a read. One of the things I picked up from the photo’s in the book apart from his sense of humour, is that we still walk around with our eyes wide shut even though picture-taking is at epidemic proportions. On a subsequent visit to another book shop I checked out the art section to see if there were any other books on graffiti and there are a few. Leafing through some of them they also depict some wonderful public art. I know! a lot of people think it degrades the neighbourhood, but done well I think it lifts it, maybe it is time to make spaces where it is legal for anybody to post.

This is a small part of mural that stretches for about quater of a mile in Lincoln. It brightens a building that is a bit of a blot on the landscape.

This is a small part of mural that stretches for about quarter of a mile in Lincoln. It brightens a building that is a bit of a blot on the landscape.


pieUh! if it was not for pie I think the world would stop going round. In this case the pie in question is apple – well not quite! – It has a couple of extra ingredients – pears and raisins. A simple affair that dazzled the pallet with a gentle sweetness. There is nothing like a hot piece of pie with cream or ice cream to help put the world to rights.

applesThe recipe for this wonderful pie was straight forward, with it’s ingredients: a hand full of small rosy red apples; about five from our tree! – two shop brought pears; a sprinkle of raisins; sweetened short crust pastry frozen, – again shop purchased and a smidgen of sugar; a twist of ‘that’ (spices, cinnamon) and some how it all works a bit like a painter flicking pant at a canvas.

The pie was small but very well put together. The pastry was allowed to defrost. The apples and pears were chopped up and put into a pan with some sugared water brought to the boil and allowed to simmer till the fruit showed signs of softness. The pastry was rolled out thin enough so a base and top could be produced with some over for a bit of decoration. With the pastry placed into the base of the dish, the softened fruit was added with a sprinkle of raisins. Then the pastry was placed on top and crimped together using a pearsfinger and thump. A cross cut was put in the top to allow it to breath with some decorations and brushed with milk to glaze. It was placed in a pre heated oven on the middle shelf and cooked for half an hour at 200 degrees C, gas mark 6.

There is nothing like the smell of baking wafting through the house to tantalise the taste buds. This pie was a triumph of gentle sweetness that did not impair the delicate flavours that the fruits proffered. It has taken great self restraint not to have pigged it all in one go. We do not make pies very often but when we do oh man! That puts the world to rights for now until the next one comes along – hopefully. Yum! yum!

Old Friend.


Suzi Nose cone

GSXR nose cone custom


Alan and myself have been friends for a long time. But for some unknown reason lost touch some years back. 

 It all started with a phone call on the merits of  fiberglass over molded plastic for motor bike custom work. This conversation came about due to an accident that damaged the nose cone to his bike. After a long chat  Alan decided to convert his Suzi GSXR 1100 nose cone to accept a set of  Honda Foxeyes. 

Over the following months as I sculpted the faring to take its new head lights, Alan visited with the rest of the bike to test fit  the nose cone; we became good friends.  Little did I know that this would be just the start. 

It is funny how things happen, one of my other friends who knew Alan got in touch recently saying he had just been in contact with him. The next thing I knew Alan had left an email.

Electro Glide.

The world of two-wheel transport is further ahead in the alternative fuel category.  The reason is its a  lighter vehicle to propel than its four-wheel counter part.

 But what I do not understand is the obsession that electric transport has to rely on battery’s that can only be charged with a plug, there by limiting its useability and distance it can travel before recharge. I know this maybe a simple view but why do none of these transport types have the latest solar electric panels as part of their build, to help keep the battery’s topped up. 

A typical drive to work means that you have to sit in standing traffic,  wouldn’t  it be great to think your little electic car is recharging itself  while your waiting in a que!  By doing this you have already extended the distance it can travel and with traffic volumes set to increase we are going to spend more and more time standing still.