Huge savings.

It has been pointed out to us that maybe our £35 starting price is not that well understood so I am hoping that this article will make it a lot more transparent.

This is how the web site puts it across We have a starting price of £35 per job no matter how many parts you send to us.

NC 24 nose cone

NC 24 nose cone

So what are we saying?

If you give us one broken part it is going to cost at least £35. Now if you have two broken parts and give us both at the same time we believe that you are all assuming that it is going to cost you from £70 when in fact it may save you £15 +. Say you give us three parts at the same time what then? That could mean a saving of £25+ and four parts £35+ There is an accumulative affect to the number of parts you give us at once. That is why we say it is priced per job and not per part.


There are some thing’s to take in to account, all the examples are based on a basic repair, if you deicide to enhance the finish then the savings decrease. Also the complexity of the repair affects the price; ie if all the parts are broken in three then the amount of saving will be next to nothing or may cost even more. The savings are not infinite and beyond that point there is no further reduction. On average when someone sends or gives us a multi part repair ( job ) they get a saving, this is because the parts have differing degrees of damage which allows our customers to make savings.


Come closer Shhhh! While no one is listening, I should not be telling you this but you could get together with your friends and send or give us a number of parts collectively then all of you will benefit from the reduced price but don’t let on that I have told you. It will be our secret.