Thank crunchy it’s Friday.

We used to have a tradition on Fridays, elevenses. One of us would bring in a pack of doughnuts. At some point in the hour of eleven cups would be gathered, teas and coffees made. A shout would go up and no matter what you were doing all work stopped. We made our way to the beverage station.and claimed a doughnut along with a drink. For fifteen or twenty minutes we would stand and chat about anything – a book someone was reading, a humors incident, no topic was off-limits! Although I sensed there was an unwritten rule – no shop talk! That short break made the rest of the day go bye more easily, in fact we used to get more done.

It is sad to say the mobile phone has killed it. Now a days  people would prefer to stand in a corner and play with a machine than stand in a group and chat face to face.

What about reinstating elevenses?

Tale from the workshop, The new fat controller.

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

Recently we appointed a new workshop manger. He is a young fellow with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The picture opposite shows him reclining in his office chair discussing what constitutes a good walk; he believes that jumping into every puddle he comes across as the right and proper way to go about things! He may be right, but it leads to a lot of wet clothes that her in doors is starting to complain about having to wash.