Huge savings.

It has been pointed out to us that maybe our £35 starting price is not that well understood so I am hoping that this article will make it a lot more transparent.

This is how the web site puts it across We have a starting price of £35 per job no matter how many parts you send to us.

NC 24 nose cone

NC 24 nose cone

So what are we saying?

If you give us one broken part it is going to cost at least £35. Now if you have two broken parts and give us both at the same time we believe that you are all assuming that it is going to cost you from £70 when in fact it may save you £15 +. Say you give us three parts at the same time what then? That could mean a saving of £25+ and four parts £35+ There is an accumulative affect to the number of parts you give us at once. That is why we say it is priced per job and not per part.


There are some thing’s to take in to account, all the examples are based on a basic repair, if you deicide to enhance the finish then the savings decrease. Also the complexity of the repair affects the price; ie if all the parts are broken in three then the amount of saving will be next to nothing or may cost even more. The savings are not infinite and beyond that point there is no further reduction. On average when someone sends or gives us a multi part repair ( job ) they get a saving, this is because the parts have differing degrees of damage which allows our customers to make savings.


Come closer Shhhh! While no one is listening, I should not be telling you this but you could get together with your friends and send or give us a number of parts collectively then all of you will benefit from the reduced price but don’t let on that I have told you. It will be our secret.

Discounts abound for March!


Offers are like buses. Once one turns up then it is not long before two more come along.

This is for all you bikers with damaged plastic. Now is the time to get it repaired while the weather is making it difficult to indulge your passion. To give you a nudge in the right direction we are offering a discount voucher of 10% that you can use twice in the month of March. To make the offer sweeter, if you give your friend copies of your voucher and  5 of them  take up the offer we will give you another discount as a thank you for encouraging your friends to repair their plastic as well. It is a win win.!

So what is the catch? To receive your voucher you will need to use our contact form. In the comments section write special offer and we will email you back with the discount voucher.

I must make it clear for those who have not used us before we are only offering a discount, this does not mean we will be cutting the quality of our repairs. You will receive the same high quality of repair that our regulars have come to expect.

Term and conditions:

The voucher can only be redeemed against plastic welded repairs.

You can use it twice during March.

You can give copies to your friends.

If five or more of your friends take up the offer we will give you a further discount to use later in the year as a thank you.

Broken plastic get a discount.

Three wheeled special

Three wheeled special

Get the year off to a good start by getting yourself a discount on those repairs that you put off last year. At the same time Check out the new web site and see what is new for this year.

10% All repairs until the end of February 28/2/14

To receive this offer just use the contact form put discount in the comment section and we will send you a special code that can be redeemed against any repair this includes the VFR seat lug service before the end of February 2014.

All work needs to be completed by the 28/2/14

An offer from us.

Hi Everyone, this is an update on some things we planned for this year and not like previous posts for others.


The first of these is a small thank you to our customers and the readers of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics. With the publication of the August edition comes a voucher for 10% discount on all our repair services which will be valid until November 2013.

And the other is a plug for our new plastic repair patches.

 For all those who want to keep their repairs authentic we now supply plastic patches. They come in two flavors ABS and polypropylene, for added convenience they are packaged with one professional length of welding rod. From our experience we have found that using the same material to replace a bit that is missing makes for a stronger longer lasting repair once welded into place. It is far better to use a new piece of plastic than an old piece that needs to be cleaned up before use and may not weld in properly. It also gets rid of the messy use of filler and/or fibreglass.


The patches are 200 mm x 130 mm approx by three millimeter thick and a professional length of welding rod is one meter and 3 mm in diameter.

The welding rod, patch combination is £7 including postage and packing. Can be collected by appointment. UK mainland only.


Here we are again at the start of another tough trading year. Like you we will be looking for the best price for the services to run the business. So I thought this maybe a good time to out line how you can get the best deal from us. Customers who use us regularly will already know what to do to get a discount. For those who are not familiar with the way we do things, here is an out line of  the discount structure.

Please do not come to us for the first time with one item expecting a discount on the price we give you.  We judge each job on its merits and give you the best price for your repair. You can get discounts for:

  • More than one item. If you and a friend have a broken faring each, club together that way you can get a lower unit cost.
  • If you belong to a club ask them to speak to us we are happy to arrange a club discount.
  • If you are a regular user of our service private or business you can get a discount. Some of our private customers are serial bike restorers making them eligible for this discount.
  • Trade discount, speaks for its self.
  • These discounts only apply to repairs.

Discounts have always been part of the way we run the business, it is our way of looking after our customers along with our friendly service.