First post of the new year.

 Welcome to 2016! Did you have a good time over the holiday period? All rested anchopperd ready to go!? I’m not really ready having trouble getting into the swing of things. I don’t think the constant rain and grey skies are helping.

Anyway! we have reset our opening times back to normal, moving back to our half day Saturday. We have also made some changes to the blog as you can see. Giving it a bit of a spruce up for the new year and changing the header to a drawing of the newer looking GSXR. I have also littered this post with a number of other sketches of bikes.

I did promise to post more often last year but did not keepharleyd it up. I’m not doing that again this time. The real world tends, in our case, to push our digital presence into the background. It is possible this would be different if our business was more digitally based. A lot of what we do does not require a computer.

That just leaves me to say that we wish you all the best for the coming year.



Merry Christmas

Wow! the year is nearly over. I can not believe how quickly it has disappeared. We have a long list of things that we did not get to, which is a shame but then life has a habit of throwing a curved ball. One of the things neglected is this blog but I think this may always be the case. I would like to say thank you to all those who followed and comment on the blog and apologise for not supporting you fully in return.

This is a picture of the big tree at St Pauls cathedral in London

This is a picture of the big tree at St Pauls cathedral in London

So to all of you

I would like to wish

The very best the season can bring

and a New Year that proves better than the last.

Happy New Year.

Oh watch this space I hope to have some more tales to tell.