Top Ten Faring Repairs?


This just a bit of fun. Our top ten repairs.


1. Welding up  cracked panels.






2. Windscreen finger replacement.






3. Sections broken out.









4. Relocating mounts on headlights.






5. Ground off plastic from bikes that have slide down the road.

We rebuild these with plastic not filler.





6. Panel support mounts.







7. Making mount post from scratch.









8. Broken panels.





One panel made from two


9. Missing part taken from a donor panel.







10. Small parts made from scratch.







When we had the idea to do this everyone thought it was great. The reality is that we could not agree in what order they should be placed or if we had the images required to make the top ten. It would be fair to say that these are the most common repairs we see and just a few of what can be a complicated repair.





It’s time to retire and repair for next year?

bike-repair With the bad weather coming it is time to get all those crack and nicks repaired so your bike is in top condition for the new years season.

I’m reminding you now, it will be to late next year. You’ll be sorry.


Motorcycle Monthly magazine.

mcmWhile I am in a generous mood, I’m going to give a little bit of space to promoting motorcycle monthly. It is quite a popular magazine if you know where to pick up a copy. You will not find it on sale in the usual places though – Why? Because it is free. I know, how brilliant is that!

It is full of the things you would expect from a glossy magazine; road tests, shoot outs, latest industry news etc. and advertising from us. He! He! I may as well get a plug in for us! All of which is printed on news print, giving it a daily paper feel.

The other great thing is, if you cannot find your copy locally you can subscribe to it for the breath taking some of £9.99 a year! Wow! The cost is mainly to cover the cost of postage. If you are interested you will find all the details at

mcm2The June edition has a great article on model replicas – bikes that are one to one scale of the original. A 1960s classic Harley Davidson is the first in the series. Guess what? just like with real bikes, if you break it we can repair it!!

Disaster at the Angel of the North.



B.B’s attempt to ride the wings of the angel of the north ended in disaster today. It was his first try which he had nearly completed when there was a spine chilling loud creaking cracking noise as the wing he was riding on started to twist, followed by a snapping as the wing came away from the body of the angel.

Luckily the two spectators standing the closest to the the wing were pulled out of the way at the last minute by two of B.B’s support crew, as the edge of the wing hit the ground.

Emergency services were quick to arrive at the scene. Paramedics treated B.B at the scene before he was helicoptered to hospital. Suzanne and George Hackington were treated for shock, the two crew Sideways Jim and Melted Bert were also treated for minor injuries sustained in saving the Hackingtons from the falling wing.

The police and fire service are investigating how it was possible for the wing to come down. A spokes person for the council confirmed that an engineer had inspected the angel only two days before the stunt was to take place, giving the all clear for the attempt.

When asked a police spokes person said that they were keeping an open mind and would not be drawn on whether or not it had been sabotaged.

Dr Holingwood from the local hospital gave us a statement saying that Mr B.B Boots had had a miraculous escape stating that none of his injuries had been life threatening. He sustained a broken arm, fractured leg and a number of cuts with some heavy bruising. He is as comfortable as could be expected under the circumstances. It will be some time before he will be riding his bike again.

Mitch Dango event organiser said that they would cooperate with the investigation in any way they could and would like to thank and praise everyone involved for their quick responses. It could have ended very differently with several fatalities. He also said that he still cannot believe what had happened.



A day of seduction?

f5inwaterThis is the saucy minx of an F5 that I use to take most of my photographs with, coupled with the sexy little prime of a 28 mm lens. Add a roll of Agfa APX to caress the back of the focal plane shutter and I’m in for a sensual day of picture making.

With camera in hand I stroll out gateinshadeinto a bright day with a gentle heat, fanned by a breeze that shifts the leaves on the trees. Now looking at the image in the view finder that is alive with dancing shadows I wait with finger poised touching the trigger in growing anticipation, waiting, waiting for the right breath of wind to push the shadows into place to complete the composition the eye so lusts for.

Click! anticipation spent, I turn away moving to the next flirtatious view to hookonwallseduce my eye and so the day is flirted away click by click. Before I know where I am an entrancing morning has been teased away.

Not quite what I had in mind when I started writing this cheeky post but it does sex up the thought process behind the taking of each image made. A bit of fun at my expense. Believe it or not there was such a day and the pictures that illustrate this post are the results. A full days exposure and legal too!