Loud and broken.

asoft plastic repair

A soft plastic repair.

It is funny how things come about, a friend of a friend is a disc  jockey and runs a mobile disco. He had been at a gig when a couple of lads who were slightly worse for wear managed to trip over his speaker stand, bringing it down with an almighty crash.

The following day he checked the speaker cabinet over, from the outside it did not look to bad with just a cracked corner, on further inspection he found  half a dozen screw mounting points broken off and the bracket that held the tweeter in place had broken into four. He was not impressed to put it mildly! Being a resourceful man he glued all the bits back into place. Job done! or so he thought. The hard work was undone when he screwed the cabinet together, braking the repairs.

After a long chat he gave us the speaker box to repair, but still was not sure if it would be strong enough.  The big problem for us was making all the joints completely clean of glue. Any contamination would degrade the effectiveness of the welding and could cause failer. Another consideration was the build up of  heat; we would be working deep inside the enclosure and being one of the softer plastics it would not take much to make it melt.