An offer from us.

Hi Everyone, this is an update on some things we planned for this year and not like previous posts for others.


The first of these is a small thank you to our customers and the readers of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics. With the publication of the August edition comes a voucher for 10% discount on all our repair services which will be valid until November 2013.

And the other is a plug for our new plastic repair patches.

 For all those who want to keep their repairs authentic we now supply plastic patches. They come in two flavors ABS and polypropylene, for added convenience they are packaged with one professional length of welding rod. From our experience we have found that using the same material to replace a bit that is missing makes for a stronger longer lasting repair once welded into place. It is far better to use a new piece of plastic than an old piece that needs to be cleaned up before use and may not weld in properly. It also gets rid of the messy use of filler and/or fibreglass.


The patches are 200 mm x 130 mm approx by three millimeter thick and a professional length of welding rod is one meter and 3 mm in diameter.

The welding rod, patch combination is £7 including postage and packing. Can be collected by appointment. UK mainland only.