Top Ten Faring Repairs?


This just a bit of fun. Our top ten repairs.


1. Welding up  cracked panels.






2. Windscreen finger replacement.






3. Sections broken out.









4. Relocating mounts on headlights.






5. Ground off plastic from bikes that have slide down the road.

We rebuild these with plastic not filler.





6. Panel support mounts.







7. Making mount post from scratch.









8. Broken panels.





One panel made from two


9. Missing part taken from a donor panel.







10. Small parts made from scratch.







When we had the idea to do this everyone thought it was great. The reality is that we could not agree in what order they should be placed or if we had the images required to make the top ten. It would be fair to say that these are the most common repairs we see and just a few of what can be a complicated repair.





Broken Wing.

A gentleman phoned about a mirror that had broken off his Honda Gold wing. From his description over the phone it sounded like a straight forward weld it back in place. He asked if it would be possible to do this while he waited as he lived a long distance from us.  We said yes and booked him in.

Where the mirror mounted it had broken out a triangle of plastic which included the holes for the bolts. The twist was the triangle had broken into three pieces which were a big problem, it took some time to work out how they went back together, then each bit was welded to each other, trying not to put too much heat into the plastic; this would have been almost impossible on a very hot day. When finished we came up against another setback, the welded piece was a bit smaller than the hole it had come from.

Sometime later after we had worked out how it should align,we tacked it in place and a number of spot welds were  placed to give it  more strength, while we made sure that the bolt holes lined up properly with the base of the mirror. Then slowly we started filling in the gap by over welding the area. The build up of heat was causing a bit of trouble slowing  progress, so allowed it to cool a bit after each over weld.

After the best part of three meters of welding rod the repair came to an end. The customer was over the moon with the quality and precision, so were we.

Old Friend.


Suzi Nose cone

GSXR nose cone custom


Alan and myself have been friends for a long time. But for some unknown reason lost touch some years back. 

 It all started with a phone call on the merits of  fiberglass over molded plastic for motor bike custom work. This conversation came about due to an accident that damaged the nose cone to his bike. After a long chat  Alan decided to convert his Suzi GSXR 1100 nose cone to accept a set of  Honda Foxeyes. 

Over the following months as I sculpted the faring to take its new head lights, Alan visited with the rest of the bike to test fit  the nose cone; we became good friends.  Little did I know that this would be just the start. 

It is funny how things happen, one of my other friends who knew Alan got in touch recently saying he had just been in contact with him. The next thing I knew Alan had left an email.