Jumping into New Year


All the best for the year to come.


Your chance to be included in a fashion shoot.

This came to my inbox I was going to apply but unable to do so. I decided to share it Incase one of you would like to take up the offer. All the best if you do.Ace Cafe

International fashion and documentary Photographer Iain McKell is casting people with their cars for a fashion shoot with a top female fashion model for the Iconic magazine Ponystep.
We are looking for vehicles & their owners of all different types and styles, 10 vehicles and characters in total from VWs to Big block V8s, Minis to Cadillacs, Hot Rods, E-Type Jaguar, Ford Escorts, VW Beatles, Bentley’s, Range Rovers, Volvo Amazons to Subaru Imprezas and characters from Mods, Goths, Boy racers, Rockers, Surfers, Glamour girls, Families, Ritzy couples, Grungers and everything in between!
The idea is based on a series of images that he took in the 70’s, please look at his web site http://iainmckell.iainmckell.com/Seaview  Iain is re creating  the original documentary work where he shot people sitting in their cars enjoying the sea view, a very British culture tradition.
You must be available on a week day and planning to shoot in the next couple of weeks. The shooting time will be for 2 hours The date and location of shoot will be given if you are shortlisted for the shoot. You will in return be given a high resolution image.
Please send photographs of your car/vehicle, yourself and any friends that might be interested to:
iain@iainmckell.com and image@pureproduction.net
Thank you
Nina Cowan The Pure Agency