Welcome to the New Year.

Custom bike

Welcome to the New Year we hope that our customers are well and rested looking forward to what 2017 has to offer. As we look back at 2016 – it was busy for us but not in way we had expected.

On a few occasions we failed to keep up with the demand and thank those that were caught up in it for their patience. For the first time we had to close the workshop to all work, due to the unprecedented heat during the summer. Not that many of us remember it now with all the grey, rain and cold.

seat panels

We have noticed that we are seeing more older bike plastic for repair. These have proved to be more challenging to repair technically speaking because of their age. Brought back some fond memories though!. One of the jobs in particular comes to mind which, came in the form of a rare battery cover from a classic Suzuki. As always we work with our customers to get the best possible out come.

I hate shopping

We are happy to talk to anybody that has a problem with broken plastic. It is part of our service to inform not just sell our ability to repair. It is our way of giving something back. Maybe you will remember us in the future when it comes to that job that does need our expertise.

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We have published a guide on how to repair plastic properly using plastic welding which is available from blurb and from time to time we run plastic welding courses. (At the time of writing we have no planed dates for these courses.)

With the festive period over it is back to work as usual. I should say it is good to be back, but to be honest we have not stopped, as there is now a new web site and a twitter feed for Plasweld.

Best wishes for the New year.


Times are changing.

2015-03-03 16.25.10We are changing our opening times From the first of October we will be open Saturday from

9 am to 5 pm

We are trialing this until December, If it proves popular then it may be here to stay. To balance this out we maybe closed on a floating day during the week. You will need to phone anyway so It should not detracted from our excellent service. We look forward to seeing you.

Our sister site is closing.



It is sad to see it go but Plasweld.net is long over the hill and due for a revamp. It will be closed from the 27th of July’15. for a thorough overhaul. When it is relaunched it will be completely different from what it suzi-gsxr-upper-side-panelswas.

As a site that introduced you to what was possible with plastic welding it worked well on a basic scale. But things have moved on a lot since we first made it public. The number of things we do have also increased to the point where we need more flexibility to chop and change as we feel fit. Something it would not cope

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

The CEO is quite laid back about all the work to come but then he is only going to stick his nose in when it is not wanted.

with in it’s current format.

The new site may surprise some of it’s fans when it starts to go live through August. The new site will appear bit by bit over the months until it is fully reborn.