We are open!?




Yes we are not open all day Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. It is for a trial period. If it is popular we will extend it after the new year. 

Plastic welding book update.

It is now possible to purchase a copy of our Plastic Welding Guide Direct, just click on the high lighted words which will take you to blurb.


The fun and games we had producing the book were posted sometime ago with that in mind this link will take you to that post.

You can also find a link on the web site Plasweld


Motorcycle Monthly magazine.

mcmWhile I am in a generous mood, I’m going to give a little bit of space to promoting motorcycle monthly. It is quite a popular magazine if you know where to pick up a copy. You will not find it on sale in the usual places though – Why? Because it is free. I know, how brilliant is that!

It is full of the things you would expect from a glossy magazine; road tests, shoot outs, latest industry news etc. and advertising from us. He! He! I may as well get a plug in for us! All of which is printed on news print, giving it a daily paper feel.

The other great thing is, if you cannot find your copy locally you can subscribe to it for the breath taking some of £9.99 a year! Wow! The cost is mainly to cover the cost of postage. If you are interested you will find all the details at www.classicmagazines.co.uk

mcm2The June edition has a great article on model replicas – bikes that are one to one scale of the original. A 1960s classic Harley Davidson is the first in the series. Guess what? just like with real bikes, if you break it we can repair it!!




The biking season is well under way this year. With some great  weather forecast for  this week it is time for a sicky so you can get out on the bike.

Date: Bank Holiday Monday 25th May, Depart Cafe:10.30am

Route: A406 – A13 – M25 – A2 – M2 – A299 to Margate seafront
The 8th annual Margate Meltdown is the most recently established of Ace Cafe London’s free to attend major ride outs.

The ride out from the cafe to this popular seaside resort in Kent has been held each year on occasion of the annual Spring Bank Holiday. Margate seafront and harbour is given over to motorcycles and scooters, diverse club and trade stands, a stage with live entertainment from Noon,
featuring Lewis Chamberlain & The Converters, together with rockin’ DJ’s Bill & George Guntrip

Working closely with the cafe’s chosen charity for this event, The Royal British Legion Riders Branch (RBLRB), the town and Thanet District Council, Margate not only has everything that a great ride out requires,  but also a great beach and plenty of heritage to include a legacy from the 1960s that is of world renown relating to motorbikes, scooters and the Mods & Rockers that rode them!


For all enquiries contact: enquiries@ace-cafe-london.com


Discounts abound for March!


Offers are like buses. Once one turns up then it is not long before two more come along.

This is for all you bikers with damaged plastic. Now is the time to get it repaired while the weather is making it difficult to indulge your passion. To give you a nudge in the right direction we are offering a discount voucher of 10% that you can use twice in the month of March. To make the offer sweeter, if you give your friend copies of your voucher and  5 of them  take up the offer we will give you another discount as a thank you for encouraging your friends to repair their plastic as well. It is a win win.!

So what is the catch? To receive your voucher you will need to use our contact form. In the comments section write special offer and we will email you back with the discount voucher.

I must make it clear for those who have not used us before we are only offering a discount, this does not mean we will be cutting the quality of our repairs. You will receive the same high quality of repair that our regulars have come to expect.

Term and conditions:

The voucher can only be redeemed against plastic welded repairs.

You can use it twice during March.

You can give copies to your friends.

If five or more of your friends take up the offer we will give you a further discount to use later in the year as a thank you.

Thank crunchy it’s Friday.

We used to have a tradition on Fridays, elevenses. One of us would bring in a pack of doughnuts. At some point in the hour of eleven cups would be gathered, teas and coffees made. A shout would go up and no matter what you were doing all work stopped. We made our way to the beverage station.and claimed a doughnut along with a drink. For fifteen or twenty minutes we would stand and chat about anything – a book someone was reading, a humors incident, no topic was off-limits! Although I sensed there was an unwritten rule – no shop talk! That short break made the rest of the day go bye more easily, in fact we used to get more done.

It is sad to say the mobile phone has killed it. Now a days  people would prefer to stand in a corner and play with a machine than stand in a group and chat face to face.

What about reinstating elevenses?

Soup day

What a weekend, dull, overcast and constant rain. Depressing to say the least! What better way to raise your sprites than a home-made soup ( soup day) and a couple of large door steps of fresh bread and butter. Consumed in front of a hot blazing fire. What a warming thought!

Oh! the recipe! there is no fixed set of ingredients and therefore no two soup days the same it is whatever is available on the day – fresh veg, meat, fruit – I know it can add a special twist;  and, of course –  fresh bread, – wouldn’t be the same otherwise!