Tale from the workshop, The new fat controller.

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

Recently we appointed a new workshop manger. He is a young fellow with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The picture opposite shows him reclining in his office chair discussing what constitutes a good walk; he believes that jumping into every puddle he comes across as the right and proper way to go about things! He may be right, but it leads to a lot of wet clothes that her in doors is starting to complain about having to wash.

Blue Plaque for Dave Sutch

Blue Plaque in memory of Screaming Lord Sutch

Unveiling Sunday 4th
November – Ton Up Day

Venue: Ace Cafe London


Ace Cafe London is delighted to confirm that this years annual Ton
Up Day, Sunday 4th November, will include the unveiling at the premises by The
Heritage Foundation of a Blue Plaque in tribute to the late Screaming Lord
Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow.

Born, during the blitz on London, in a Hampstead hospital, Dave Sutch lived locally in Harrow and soon became a regular frequenter of the then notorious Ace Cafe, visiting on a BSA 125 and listening to the latest rock n’ roll sounds on the jukebox.

In addition to finding
success with his music and extraordinary stage shows, in the 1960’s, when voters
had to be over 21, he stood in parliamentary elections as a representative of
the National Teenage Party and went on to found the Official Monster Raving
Loony Party which he served as leader from 1983 to 1999, during which time he
stood in numerous parliamentary elections.

As a great friend of the Ace,
Dave Sutch kindly officiated at the first Ace Cafe Reunion, held at the premises
in 1994, and shared with all those present on that day of how it was at the Ace
that he ate his very first rubber egg!

The Mayor of Brent, Councillor
Michael Adeyeye and All Party Parliamentary Motorcycle Group MP, Steven Pound,
have kindly confirmed their attendance.

Also attending this very special
occasion are David Graham of the Heritage Foundation, Howling Loud Hope and Lord
Toby Jug of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party together with Graeme Sharpe
from William Hill (sponsors of the MRLP as well as being Sutch’s biographer and
lifelong friend).

Amongst Dave Sutch’s contemporaries confirming that
they will be attending are Jess Conrad (actor and rock n’ roll star), Clem
Cattini & Roger LaVern (The Tornados), Frank Allen (The Searchers), Brian
Gregg (Johnny Kidd & The Pirates), to name but a few.

Dave Sutch
10.11.40 – 16.6.99 RIP


Bad weather.

What a joke a bit of snow and the country go’s up the creek without a padel. Why? The first point is that health and safety is running a muck to the point where it is making life difficult for those who would do their job as normal no matter what.

The total lack of gritting on side roads and walks making it impossible for people to get to the main routes without taking their lives into their own hands. News reports about A and E having an over load of broken bones and an increase in the numbers  of deaths all travel related.

The lack of help and coöperation between people  and business. Casing point: I had to take the van out to get some supplies. Now it is rear wheel drive which means that icy roads make it difficult  to get moving once stopped. This happen twice causing a tail back in both cases. The first time while trying to get onto a gritted road I had to get the shovel out and chip the ice away from in front of the drive wheels. The people behind just sat there and watched or tried to drive round, no milk of human kindness there. The second time was trying to get to a well-known supermarket car park the road was pure ice, again out with the shovel only this time all I got was angry looks that anger would have been better spent giving the van a shove so we could all get on our way. Society now a days is all about me, if we spent more time helping each other we would all be better off. 

Privacy policy?

What a joke!

It is only when you set up  a web site for yourself that privacy becomes an important  issue. I am probably right in thinking that some of you never look at the small print and those that do must think ” what am I letting myself  in for?”

 I’m talking about when you come to a privacy policy  that runs to more than a page you know your in trouble with that company. Basically they say we will protect your data but send it all round the world for other companies to look after but if your identity gets cloned, it’s not their fault! Where do these companies get the moral right to tell everybody your information? They don’t, but they think they do! because you have used their product/web site etc. It is time these companies started offering their customers a proper service and not lip service to your data with long-winded policies. They should all say we do not share your info and honour that!