Sister site update.


The site has gone off line now. Like all good plans there was an unforeseen floor. Life!  stepped in throwing a spanner in the works. That could have changed the future forever. Luckily we are still here, resulting in a delay and not an epitaph.


Our sister site is closing.



It is sad to see it go but is long over the hill and due for a revamp. It will be closed from the 27th of July’15. for a thorough overhaul. When it is relaunched it will be completely different from what it suzi-gsxr-upper-side-panelswas.

As a site that introduced you to what was possible with plastic welding it worked well on a basic scale. But things have moved on a lot since we first made it public. The number of things we do have also increased to the point where we need more flexibility to chop and change as we feel fit. Something it would not cope

Philosophize the merits of a good walk.

The CEO is quite laid back about all the work to come but then he is only going to stick his nose in when it is not wanted.

with in it’s current format.

The new site may surprise some of it’s fans when it starts to go live through August. The new site will appear bit by bit over the months until it is fully reborn.


Terms and conditions

This is a follow on from my bit about privacy policies.

In an article I read recently it makes it clear that a lot of you forget to look at the small print and I can understand why; it goes on for ever. Life is too short to spend hours running through terms,  conditions, privacy but by not doing so you are letting companies play god with your complacency. 

Game, a large retailer of gaming products, made  changes to its term and conditions to see how many of you read what you were signing up to when using their site. They added a paragraph that stated:

” you would grant them the right to your immortal soul in this life and the next”

 or words to that effect. While this paragraph was part of the conditions  over 7,500 of  you signed up to it. As part of the research they added an opt out that gave a £5 discount on your purchases, there were no takers, no surprise there then!

Most companies are fair-minded traders, but they are not helping themselves or their customers. They need to  change to make things more transparent for both sides. I would suggest that both terms, conditions and privacy should do what insurance companies have applied to their polices. The key facts stated in the first few ( I mean few!) paragraphs of these statements with links to further explanation if needed for the customer.  They need to be transparent stating the good and the bad.

 I get fed up with wasting my time  reading  terms and conditions to find hidden near the end the bad bits, when that appears I log off and go somewhere else. Companies need to understand that is lost revenue, I for one will not be back!

It is time we the customer took control of our web experience! Will this ever happen though, because not enough of us think we have the power to do so! The fact is we do, but while we stay complacent companies will take advantage.


We are happy to exchange links with companies,clubs and others that ask. And say so on the links page of our web site. In some cases you get a small write-up on the news page but this is not guaranteed. We do this for free as a service for our customers. But recently some of you have  requested that we include your banner, I’m sorry to say that it is not possible to do this for free.

We try to answer all emails on this subject, if you have not heard from us we apologize, this is because your email may have gone straight to junk mail, the reason this happens is you have included code for your banner.