A rhyme for a working machine.

tracktor“Maid Made A Tractor, Attract A Hair heir.”
“Maid Made A Tractor, Attract A Night Knight.”
“Maid Made A Tractor, Attract A Prints Prince”..
Be Ahead, Get A Hat, As Dear Stalker Of Chorus Girl Flora Gardener.
Her Callipygian New Ditty Above, was By her Bum Birdcage Avery.

Thanks again Trev for your word play.


The thinking man’s read by Trev the Rev.


The Cheltenham Flyer Ufology. Flying Sorceress Wren Lori Noyes [A Traction Engine Maid With Attraction?]; Aloudspeaker Of This Cheep Unsung Singing Telegram: Portrays Her Romantic Sects Cymbal New Ditty As:- “The Stripper”?. Patiently Make A Patient Profit From Viewing This FeeMail Of Lori Noyes [As Your Unsung Singing Telegram Maid For You To Cite]: By Optionally Giving The N.H.S. Swear Box Alms, For This Wren’s Fowl Language?. [ Phonetics Of N.H.S. Eulogist:- Ladyship Wren B.R.Avery Of Gravesend].

We Would like to Thank Trev  for this puzzlement.