Right car bit of cash?


Please pass on to anyone you know that may fit the bill!

Get paid £70 for 90 Minutes!

Internet based market research company “People4U” are looking for owners of the below list of cars, which must have been bought or leased new in the last four years.


BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Audi A4,, Volkswagen CC, Lexus IS, Volvo V60, Vauxhall Insignia, Ford

Ninety minute focus groups will be set up in London W.1.

Tuesday 14th October 6.15pm or 8.15pm
Wednesday 15th October 6.15pm or 8.15pm
Thursday 16th October 6.15pm or 8.15pm

The following information is also required to be emailed to: info@people4u.org.uk

1) Your Name
2) Contact Number
3) Postcode
4) Make of Car
5) Model
6) Year of Registration
7) Email Address
8) Occupation
9) Industry

Email Leigh at: info@people4u.org.uk


US cars wanted for film shoot.




1930’s/1940’s US Car Wanted For Film Shoot

Looking for 30’s/40’s Lincoln/Chrysler/Hot Rod or period US Car for Mobster short film ‘Velvet Thompson’.

FB page: www.facebook.com/velvetthompsonmovie

Production : Velvet Thompson
Production Type : Short Film
Dates : End of May/June 2014(Dates to be arranged)

The car will not be driven by Actor. One day Filming. Owner will recieve Professional Stills of Vehicle and Self in Costume. Option for owner + friend to be an extra in the film, copy to be given by production (after shoot dates). All expenses/Petrol/Food covered.

Please Contact: Rob Marni
07900 361 255
Email: rob.marni@yahoo.com

Old faring makes it to the repair bench.

finger-repair-plasweldWe introduced recently plastic repair patches for those who wanted an easy way of replacing missing pieces from their farings. It saves time and effort looking for matching plastic material that needs cleaning before it can be used as an insert.

This post illustrates what can be done with our 200 X 130 mm patch and a meter of welding rod.

We have had a broken faring in the workshop that we were going to repair and sell on. It has been on the shelf that long I can no longer remember what bike it came from. A couple of times it has been raided for spares to repair customers farings. I thought it was time to repair it and in so doing demonstrate what can be done with one repair patch.

The faring in question has had the end of the windscreen finger cut off to repair another. A template was cut from a piece of card as a guide from the intact side. Then laid on the repair patch and cut round. A bit of heat was applied to the cut out to shape it so it mimicked the curve of the finger. Then the edge of the faring and shaped piece had the edges chamfered so they could be tacked and welded together. In a number of places it needed over welding to build up the material so it was identical to the other side. Once the heat had dissipated it was machined and rubbed down with some wet and dry for a smooth blended finished. When painted you would not know that the bit had been missing in the first place.


American vintage car owners wanted.

A great chance to take part.

Vintage American Cars Wanted for Static Display

For an upcoming “Future Cinema” show (30th August – 1st September) at a London venue. They are looking for late 50’s and early 60’s American cars which can be parked around the venue to give the audience an authentic American feel.

The cars will not be driven during the show, or involved in any kind of stunt – they will just be used as decorative additions to the show.

All car owners that take part will be invited to attend the show with their family or group of friends in return for bringing their cars.

If you are interested, please get in touch with:

Alice Thill
Email: alice@futurecinema.co.uk
Mobile: 07528 261 615

Take the challenge

Ace Cafe London Drivers Challenge!   Sunday 14th July

Entries are invited for the inaugural Ace Cafe London Drivers Challenge, a Clubman Production Car Autotest ‘Taster Event’  to be held on Sunday 14th July and which is organised by Middlesex County Automobile Club on behalf of the Ace to celebrate the cafe’s 75th anniversary of having originally opened in 1938.

Conceived primarily to provide an introduction to motor sport, the entry is limited to just 75 vehicles across six different classes each with a crew of two, driver and navigator.

The meeting, governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sport Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) includes driving around cones “against the clock” and several other timed tests, and with at least two runs at each test (on private ground) the best times count!  If there are more than two runs at a particular test, the slowest time is disregarded.

Awards up for grabs for “Fastest Time of the Day” and, subject to there being sufficient entries in each vehicle class, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award in each of the classes.

 Vehicle Classes:

Front-wheel drive saloons up to 1600cc

Front-wheel drive saloons over 1600cc

Rear-wheel drive saloons up to 2000cc

Rear-wheel drive saloons over 2000cc

Open/Sports cars up to 1600cc

Open/Sports cars over 1600cc

Closing date for entries is Saturday 29th June, with ceremonial start at the Ace from 9am Sunday 14th July.  

Entry, £75 includes breakfast at the Ace, from 7am, a packed lunch and food & beverage at the cafe from 6pm, together with presentation of awards.                           For more information or to enter check out: www.mcac.co.uk

or contact:

Entry Secretary Tony Phillips             Tel: +44 (0)1923 822 590

Email: tonyp@mcac.co.uk


Short notice to take part.

Car & Bike enthusiasts wanted for TV programme!

Shine Television is
looking for car and motorbike enthusiasts to be part of a factual entertainment
series for Sky One. Filming will take place on Wednesday 17th April at Ace Cafe
London and it would be great if you could bring your car or motorbike with

Filming will start at 2pm and finish at 4pm

For more
information, please call:
020 7483 6607