Paid market research for the right bikers

Get paid for giving your views and opinions on new motorbikes and accessories!

£100 – £125

VisionBee, a dynamic research company are conducting some research and development for a famous motorbike manufacturer.

We are currently looking for riders of adventure touring bikes which were bought from new since 2013, to give their views and opinions on future generation bikes and accessories. The bikes we are looking for are:


This will be held in London for around 2.5 hours on Friday 17th or Saturday 18th June. Those who qualify and take part will be paid £100 to £125 for their time, which includes travel expenses.

If your motorcycle fits the criteria and you fancy being part of this, contact Simon on letting him know which model you own, the year you bought your bike, your name, your age along with your telephone contact details. If you cannot make this date or you do not have an adventure bike, do not worry as there are another few projects coming up over the year. Send me your details and I’ll contact you when other projects come along.



For information about Ace Cafe London or what’s on, check out:


Get payed for market resarch!

MOTORBIKE MARKET RESEARCH Get paid £70 !! Indiefield Market Research is looking for owners of the following bikes: Yamaha XJ6 Diversion S Honda NC700S Triumph Street Triple 675 Suzuki Gladius Two focus groups will be set up on Saturday 20th April in Hammersmith, London, and will last for two and a half hours, to discuss motorcycles and biking. Participants will receive £70 on the day. All participants must have purchased the bike from new later than 2009, be the main rider, hold a valid license, have been the main decision maker with regards to the purchase of the bike and intend to buy a motorcycle of the same category again. Anyone who fits the bill and is interested in going along, please contact: Sophie: 020 8245 8000 (main switchboard) Email: Sophie will check through your details and if eligible, will book you in and email you an invitation and directions.